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Our Story

Iconic Nation is a creative expression dedicated to inspire and renew the lives of anyone struggling with depression, loneliness, anxiety, and any other barrier society has painted a bleak picture of for us. We believe that out of the darkness, God will use a fresh wave of music, art, and creativity with a purpose to re-unite a separated world and bring the knowledge and healing we need to enjoy the abundant life we are meant to experience today.
I'm Joel,
For years I struggled with depression, anxiety, eating disorder, and even suicidal thoughts. After years of self loathing, self harm, no self value, searching for answers, seeking out truth, and trying to find peace and happiness. I was able to understand the causes of the mental illness I suffered from and overcome it. I realized that I was not born to be a martyr or struggle, but I was made to be a champion and enjoy health, abundance, and peace of mind.

Now it is my time to give back to my community.

Iconic Nation is my way to give back and create awareness through creative art, music, and visual expressions that there are others who may not be happy with their life or may be struggling with mental illness like I did for so many years. And that there is hope and that we don't have to live this way, but can be champions and overcome anything.

Iconic Nation is my way to ignore any rules or judgmental legalisms that separate people. And focus on being there for people and believe in people to help them realize their full potential. 
Iconic Nation is my way to maybe add something good to the world and help push humanity forward.
Iconic Nation does not judge you people for their gender, beliefs, moral compass, if you are a nerd, a jock, an athlete, an outsider, skater, a bike rider, a musician, or whatever you may identify as.
Iconic Nation redefines what it means to truly be a celebrity.
Iconic Nation believes life should be fun and is better shared together.
Iconic Nation believes wealth is not found in the wallet, but is found in the mind.
Iconic Nation is my way to help people realize that we don't have to elevate our problems, but we can elevate the cure®. 
Now its time to share your story!