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I'm Joel,
For years I struggled with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I was raised and trained to believe I had to be a martyr because of some social religious traditions. After years of self loathing, self harm, no self value, searching for answers, seeking out truth, and trying to find peace and happiness. I was able to find the causes and overcome my mental illness. I realized that I was not made to be a martyr or struggle, but I was made to be a champion and enjoy health, wealth, peace of heart, and give to the world what I have inside.
Iconic Nation is my way to give back and to create and awareness that there are others who may be struggling with mental illnesses like I did for so many years. And that there is hope and that we don't have to live this way, but can be champions and overcome anything.
Iconic Nation is my way to help people realize that we don't have to elevate our problems, but we can elevate the cure. 
Iconic Nation is my way to ignore any rules or judgmental legalisms that separate people. And focus on being there for people and believe in people to help them realize their full potential. 
Iconic Nation is my way to maybe add something good to the earth and help push humanity forward.
Iconic Nation is for everyone no matter your gender, beliefs, background, if you've been rejected by your community, if you're a leader in your community, if you are a nerd, a jock, and athlete, an outsider, skater, a bike rider, a musician, or whatever you may identify as.
I don't believe that being an Icon nessesarily is only someone who is praised for being wealth, popular, or just famous for being famous. This is the picture society has painted us to believe.
I believe an Icon is so much more. 
Iconic Nation redefines and adds emphasis to the people who are moving society forward and may not ever get proper praise in their lives; a single mom who may work 3 jobs just to provide for her kid and may never be treated like a celebrity, someone who may take care of a family member, the elderly, or special needs and never be treated like a celebrity, someone who may fight for a true cause and sacrifice for something great than themselves and may never be treated like a celebrity, someone who struggles with mental illness or addiction who is trying to win the inner mental battle and may never be praised for their small or big inner victories and may be mis understood by the outside world.
Iconic Nation wants to spread awareness of a new type of celebrity, a new type of icon, we are a growing community and society all here to support each others dreams and be kind and move humanity to a new level of peace, joy, health, wealth, and success.
Now its time to elevate the cure in your life and share your story!