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Born in Mexico in humble beginnings, at 18 months old Joel Piper brought shock to his parents as he began to play the drums to some music playing in background of the room. Later in years Joel discovered he was born with a unique condition in the form of an involuntary double sensory trigger called Synesthesia. Meaning that when he hears music or melody, he also sees what he hears in colors, shapes, lines, and shades.

Early on Joel had a heart to see God use his gifts to unite and heal people. Joel is also an athlete and has been involved in the professional action sports arena with many pros listening to his music.

Joel is a mostly known as a multi-instrumentalist, worship leader, performer, songwriter, composer, & music producer, who’s been able to work with Grammy winning, and Hall Of Fame artists and songwriters and everything in between on his journey that has just begun its new season!

band/ session/live musicians:

Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Programing / Joel Piper

Violin / Corrie Brunnel

Guitars, Keys, Vocals / Emily Childers

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